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Beard Butter, the only one in Sweden!


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So your wondering…

What the heck is beard butter, and why should I use it?

Great question!
Beard butter is the perfect combination of beard oil and beard balm and is the best way to lock in deep moisture and style your beard at the same time!

It’s the perfect product for beards that want to stay healthy and styled.

1, Benefits

Beard butter is the best of both worlds, the perfect balance between an oil and a wax. It’s as if you’re walking around with conditioner in your beard all day long. It locks in a deep condition for your beard beyond what a quality oil can do alone, especially with longer length.

It will leave your beard soft and manageable, smelling great, and has a light to medium hold which allows you to style your beard to perfection and have it last all day.

2, Application

Beard butter should be applied daily for styling and moisturizing purposes.
It is important to note that it is not a replacement for your beard oil which will help keep your skin from flaking and itching.
The butter works in conjunction with the oil to lock in the benefits of the oil.

It will give your beard a deep condition, keep it styled to perfection, and leave it smelling great!
This makes the oil and butter combo the 1-2 punch for a killer beard.



Shea butter, almond oil, argan oil, jojoba oil & fragrance.

In 3 scents, violet, mango & cannabis & citrus.

100ml in PET jar


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Exotic Mango, Cannabis, Golden Oud, Smokey Dark Honey, Apple pie & vanilla, Orange & Red Chili, Pear & Vanilla, After 8, Cedarwood

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