About Beard Brother

Handmade and organic beardcare products from Sweden

From the first batch of beard balm made on the stove in the kitchen at Malmvägen, Sollentuna in Stockholm, Stefan begun his journey with his company Beard Brother.

The idea was simple, create beardcare products, by hand, with organic ingredients and spice it up with something new, like a scent of mango, or apple pie, or why not the musk scent of a cannabis flower?

Every single balm, oil or butter has been made by Stefan Jacobs, the founder of Beard Brother.
Every single step, from open a package of jars, to boil the balm, tapping, capping, labeling, and shipping is made by one and only.

We are very proud of our products, and we know you can feel the quality when you use our products, either in the beard or skin.

We will update here very soon with more information about us.
Never hesitate to send us a email if you have any questions.


Sincerly yours,

Stefan Jacobs
Beard Broth